Red Stinger Black Label Review

If you’re looking for a workout supplement to pump you so full of stimulants that you’re bouncing off the walls of the gym, you might be interested in Red Stinger Black Label.

This supplement, engineered by NRG-X Labs, is supposed to help keep your energy levels and metabolism high, but rather than take the word of Red Stinger Black Label’s manufacturers, we decided to investigate this pre-workout supplement to see what it could really offer.


Although this supplement claims to be able to help you workout more efficiently so that your body will burn more fat and build more muscle, the ingredients in this product look more like a weight loss supplement than anything else.

Almost the entirety of Red Stinger Black Label’s ingredients are stimulants that work to speed up the natural processes within your body. Caffeine, being one of the more prominent ingredients, helps your body burn more calories even while it is in a resting state.

But stimulants aren’t the only things that are in Red Stinger Black Label. This pre-workout supplement also contains Chromium a mineral that has been shown to reduce your appetite.

Because our feelings of hunger and fullness rely mainly upon the relaying of different hormones from the digestive system to the nervous system, Chromium is able to counteract these messages to make you feel fuller and more satisfied with less food.


Despite the fact that Red Stinger Black Label seems to have some ingredients that would make it a good weight loss supplement, we didn’t find anything that would really help you build muscle or recover from workouts any better.

They did include one amino acid, L-Tyrosine, but it is far from what you need to build more muscle tissue.

Another ingredient that worried us was 1,3-Dimethylamylamine. Although this ingredient is often used as an alternative stimulant, it was originally produced to be a nasal decongestant.

This means that it works as a vasoconstrictor; narrowing the blood vessels so that less blood gets through at a time. Even though this is good for runny noses, it isn’t good when you’re trying to get a good workout in.

Our Opinion

After looking a little more closely at Red Stinger Black Label, we could see that this supplement is more of a weight loss supplement than an effective workout aid.

Because Red Stinger Black Label most likely won’t be able to help you build muscle and increase performance, we can’t recommend this product.

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