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Workout expert Jim Stoppani pulled out all the stops on his pre-workout supplement, Pre Jym. Released in late June 2013, Pre Jym is packed with full doses of every pre-workout ingredient Stoppani recommends.

As a celebrity personal trainer with a PhD in exercise physiology, Jim Stoppani has both the reputation and the education necessary to claim Pre Jym as “the most effective all-in-one pre-workout formula” available.

While Stoppani’s credentials and claims are impressive, Pre Jym deserves to be scrutinized on its own merits. Let’s examine how advanced Pre Jym really is with a look at its ingredients, dosages, and consumer reviews.

Pre Jym’s Ingredients and Dosages

Jim Stoppani created Pre Jym to be a total pre-workout formula in one scoop. Consequently, it should have full dosages of the most recommended and scientifically proven pre-workout ingredients. Here’s a look at what you’ll find in one Pre-Jym serving.

6 Grams Citrulline Malate
Citrulline malate amplifies workout energy and oxygen delivery. The citrulline component of this ingredient increases nitric oxide production. [1] Citrulline malate also decreases fatigue by reducing buildup of hydrogen ions and ammonia in muscle tissue. [2] Pre Jym contains 6 grams citrulline malate, the low-end recommended dosage for exercise enhancement. [3]

6 Grams BCAAs
With 3 g leucine and 1.5 g each isoleucine and valine, Pre Jym contains all 3 branched-chain amino acids in the recommended ratio. [4] According to one study, these special amino acids discourage muscle tissue from breaking down during intense, endurance exercise. [5] Fitness experts recommend taking between 5 and 10 g BCAAs per day, and Pre Jym’s dose fits within that range. [4]

2 Grams Beta-Alanine
Also known by its brand name CarnoSyn, beta-alanine is an amino acid used to create carnosine. Carnosine regulates acid buildup in muscle tissue, which correlates with muscular fatigue. [6] CarnoSyn’s makers suggest taking between 1.6 and 3.2 grams daily, so Pre Jym’s dosage is spot on. [7]

2 Grams Creatine HCL
Research shows muscles loaded with creatine are protected against injury and tissue tearing related to strenuous exercise. [8] Additional studies found creatine increases torque and strength in repetitive exercises. [9] Both these studies used 20 g daily creatine doses, much more than what’s in Pre Jym. However, a 2 gram creatine dose is a good maintenance dose for muscles that already have high creatine concentrations. [10]

That’s not a full list of Pre Jym’s ingredients, but it gives a good indication of Stoppani’s dedication to proper dosing. Additional Pre Jym ingredients include betaine, taurine, alpha GPC, beet extract, L-tyrosine, caffeine, and huperzine A.

Consumer Reaction to Pre Jym

The best source for consumer feedback on Pre Jym is the review page on

Pre Jym users describe this pre-workout supplement as “essential for anyone looking to get real results” and “the best product on the market.” While I usually find a broader range of consumer experience in online reviews, those strong compliments are the consensus about Pre Jym.

I couldn’t find any product reviews criticizing Pre Jym’s results. The most common complaints were about the flavor being too sweet or the price being a bit steep. But, even those who commented on Pre Jym’s price still felt it was worth buying in the end because of how effectively it enhanced their workouts.

Buying and Using Pre Jym

Pre Jym can only be purchased at The cost is around $35 per jug. Every Pre Jym bottle contains 20 servings, enough to serve as a month’s supply for a 5-days-a-week workout schedule.

Mix 1 scoop Pre Jym powder with water and drink prior to your workout. Unfortunately, better details about how much water to use or how soon before exercise to drink Pre Jym are not available online.

Final Thoughts on Pre Jym

Pre Jym is one pre-workout supplement that consistently meets consumer expectations and produces satisfying results. With scientifically supported dosages of well-tested ingredients, Pre Jym’s formula is sure to please exercise enthusiasts who’ve tried many pre-workout supplements and had inconsistent results. While people who perform less intense workouts or exercise less often probably don’t need Pre Jym’s dosages, fitness fanatics are likely to benefit from using Pre Jym.


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