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Mutant Mayhem Review

By making you a star in the gym, Mutant Mayhem promises to help you “leave humanity behind”. Mutant Mayhem claims it will give you “uncontrollable” muscles, and “killer instinct”, and ensure your workouts are “epic”.

Should you accept the call of Mutant Mayhem? Read on and see what our research discovered about this new pre-workout supplement.

What’s in Mutant Mayhem?

With vitamins, nutrients, and a huge 18,000 mg blend of other ingredients, Mutant Mayhem intends to give you a mental and physical boost. Here are the most prominent blended ingredients:

Power Strength Complex (3400 mg)

Waxy maize starch is a carbohydrate that was once believed to absorb quickly and become a fast fuel source. However, recent clinical studies show that while the ingredient does provide sustained fuel, it does not affect energy expenditure.[1]

Basically, waxy maize starch gives your body fuel but the body doesn’t use it right away.

Creapure creatine monohydrate is a proprietary creatine that quickly reduces into creatine phosphate in the body. Creatine is an amino acid that is stored in the muscles and used for energy during high-intensity, short-term exercise.[2] Consequently, creatine allows for more powerful workouts and better results.

L-arginine HCL is an amino acid that increases nitric oxide in the body.[3] Nitric oxide widens blood vessels and facilitates blood flow, resulting in more blood and oxygen reaching muscle tissue. In turn, this promotes greater muscle endurance and growth.

Hyper-Stim Matrix (2,960 mg)

Micronized taurine is an amino acid necessary for muscle tissue growth and repair.[4] This taurine has been micronized to facilitate faster absorption.

Glucuronolactone is found in many energy supplement products because it provides additional energy sources during exercise.[5]

Pyruglutamic acid, likely a misspelling of pyroglutamic acid, is an amino acid that stimulates the brain. It does this by releasing more acetylcholine into the brain, resulting in better and faster transmissions between neurons.[6] This means pyroglutamic acid boosts cognitive functions such as memory and concentration.

Lactic Acid Buffer Blend (975 mg)

Calcium carbonate is essentially a calcium supplement. Calcium helps buffer lactic acid buildup during exercise, thus increasing endurance. Calcium is also crucial for healthy bones, teeth, cells, blood, and tissues.[7]

Calcium 05 lactate works as an antacid, lowering the acidity of lactic acid. This means calcium lactate helps delay muscle fatigue, allowing you to exercise longer.

Potassium citrate is a salt that helps regulate acidity in the body, helping delay lactic acid buildup and even reducing delayed onset muscle soreness.

Mutant Mayhem appears to pack a lot of powerful ingredients into its formula. However, since the formula is based on blends, it’s difficult to tell just how effective the ingredients as a whole are.

How Do You Take Mutant Mayhem?

Mix one scoop of Mutant Mayhem with 8 -12 ounces of cold water. Consume 10 – 15 minutes before working out.

Does Mutant Mayhem Cause Any Side Effects?

Many of the ingredients in Mutant Mayhem can cause side effects if taken in high dosages. Creatine can cause diarrhea, nausea, and muscle cramps. Also, stimulant ingredients such as glucuronolactone can cause jitteriness, increased heart beat, and heart palpitations.

Even Mutant Mayhem’s amino acids, which are necessary for life, can cause negative side effects if taken in excess. For example, l-arginine can become toxic, causing damage to cells and organs.

Use caution if you choose to take Mutant Mayhem. Since these ingredients are listed in blends, it’s difficult to know exactly how much of each ingredient you will be taking.

How Much Does It Cost?

Currently, the only way to purchase Mutant Mayhem is from online Canada-based vendors. The best deals I found are:

• $54.99 for one tub (720 grams)
• $54.95 for one tub
• $54.99 for one tub

Unfortunately, Mutant Mayhem is not backed by any sort of guarantee from its manufacturer or these vendors.

Final Thoughts

Though the ingredients packed in Mutant Mayhem are impressive, we can’t recommend it. Many ingredients cause side effects if not taken in a safe dose. Without dosage information, it is extremely difficult to take Mutant Mayhem safely.

Also, we weren’t able to find any trustworthy reviews of this product, as most of the reviews were by vendors trying to sell the product.

Lastly, we didn’t like that the manufacturer refuses to back its product up with any sort of guarantee.

For these reasons, we suggest you pass on Mutant Mayhem and find a different supplement for your pre-workout needs.


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