Magnum Opus Review

If you’re looking to amp up the intensity and frequency of your workouts, you’re going to need a little extra fuel to do so. Some of that fuel may come from eating more and eating healthier.

But you should also consider the use of a pre-workout supplement to give you all the fuel you’ll need to reach your fitness and performance goals.

That said, there are hundreds of pre-workout supplements on the market that you can consider, including Magnum Opus. In this post, we’re going to see if this product lives up to its claim of allowing you to “breakthrough your workout barriers.”

What Can This Product Do?

Like any other product on the supplement market today, there are several features of Magnum Opus that make it initially enticing to customers.

First of all, Magnum Opus contains 20+ ingredients divided into two different propreitary blends. These two blends are named Opus Hydrating Energy Blitz and Instabolic pHuel.

From these two names, customers can determine that Magnum Opus is capable of enhancing muscle cellular energy as well as balancing pH levels.

While almost every pre-workout supplement is designed to enhance muscle cellular energy, only a select few are able to regulate a user’s pH levels to ensure that blood levels are not acidic and catabolic.

In addition to these attributes, Magnum Opus, supposedly, can also enhance blood flow and properly hydrate users as well.

Lastly, Magnum Opus does not contain any stimulants or synthetic ingredients and is 100% all-natural. This is important to note because all-natural products are often relatively safe to use.

What Can’t This Product Do?

Now then, initially, we thought that Magnum Opus had a very comprehensive and thorough list of ingredients. But upon second glance, we realized that it is, indeed, missing a few key pieces to the puzzle.

These missing pieces includes its omission of a creatine-based ingredient as well as its lack of an absorption and uptake enhancer.

If you know anything about creatine, you’ll understand that it is often used in anabolic supplements because of its ability to re-sythesize ATP at an incredible rate. This allows creatine to enhance muscle cellular energy very readily.

As for the lack of an absorption and uptake enhancer, it doesn’t matter how many anabolic agents are found in a formula if they cannot be absorbed effectively by the body.

As such, many products are equipped with absorption enhancers to ensure that their blends are taken by skeletal muscle before breaking down and becoming waste.

This is not the case with Magnum Opus.

Would We Recommend This Product?

Before making our final remark, we should mention the fact that a 48-serving/scoop tub of Magnum Opus costs $69.95 at retail price.

While this price tag isn’t outrageous by any means, it may be heftier than some individuals can afford.

Further, by coupling its heftier price tag and comprehensive-lacking formula together, we’ve determined that Magnum Opus is no more than an average option at best.

Sure its safe, but that’s much as we can guarantee when it comes to this pre-workout supplement.

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