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Indigo-3G is a new product brought to you by T NATION, and claims to “repartition nutrients into muscle instead of fat.” What sets Indigo-3G apart is that it uses an all new ingredient matrix that hasn’t yet been scientifically back, so in essence–nobody knows if it works or not. This creates both good and bad benefits: one, you could just be wasting your money on a product that will never deliver results, and since there are no scientific findings in regards to this product this is likely. BUT, and this is a very lucky but–it could work. It also hasn’t been dis-proven. So with such an up-in-the-air product, we decided to study its claims, take them apart a little, and try and see through all the hype its giving itself.

Facts, or Something Like Them

The name Indigo-3G was derived from the products secret (or not-so-secret) ingredient, called cyanidin 3-glucoside. We’ll shorten it to C3G for convenience purposes. In a book on polyphenols, C3G is described as a natural colorant found in bilberries and other fruits and flowers. It is produced from natural sources, (extraction processes) and will release hydrochloric acid in water.

It’s claims like: C3G’s literally makes your body function perfectly for building muscle mass without the fear of gaining fat, even while on a bulking diet, that cause us to question its validity. If this compound truly works at redirecting and reformulating your body’s ability to repartition nutrients–then why hasn’t it been discovered before now? It’s not like we didn’t have resources to figure this out. Especially over the last few decades when berries have received lots of attention for their antioxidant benefits.

Studies on mice show that C3G can help relieve symptoms of diabetes by reducing fat and redirecting insulin. These are problematic findings because they have only been tested on mice, for one, never on humans or athletes. It seems that if Indigo-3G is basing their entire premises on early findings on mice, than they cannot actually make any claims–not yet. We would advise athletes to look elsewhere until more conclusive evidence is found on the C3G compound. Until then, there are scientifically backed products that do in fact help you gain muscle mass and lose weight.

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Indigo-3G User Reviews

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    Biotest does a class marketing indigo 3g. They approach it by promoting on the t-nation site, which they own. There are many serious users who maintain training journals on the site who substantiate that the product works. No wonder, however that you only see positive statements about indigo 3g on the site. Any negative statements about biotest products are promptly deleted as anybody across the internet can tell you.
    Conversely, an exceptional amateur or semi pro bodybuilder who achieves results while on the product is promptly brought “into the fold” with free products and further mentions on the sites to boost their ego, which of course motivates them to continue singing the praises of biotest, REGARDLESS of the actual role any given supplement played in their success.
    Biotest does carry a variety of novel products and some have sound science behind them (their fish oil supplement for example is a nice formula if a bit overpriced) As an Indigo 3g user and purchaser, I am not afraid to look foolish and say that indigo 3g failed to deliver after one bottle of the product. I followed the dosing guidelines, including consumption of 3-4 pills of the supplement 60 to 40 minutes before a meal, twice a day. I was on a medium frequency program, lifting three times a week with an occasional “muscle exhaustion” phase on saturdays. I also steered clear of vegetables around dosing time, which is ENCOURAGED as compounds in plant food can decrease the availability of the cyandin that supposedly makes the product work.
    There was no effect whatsoever on my body composition, not even a subtle one. My body fat remained exactly the same, using both calipers and an electrical test. I refuse to accept the powerful marketing psychology of the product, where somebody could laugh my experience off and say “it doesn’t work for everybody” or “you’re just not working hard enough” or I’m doing it wrong. Basically I believe there is an absence of negative reviews of this product outside of biotest’s site because of the high price, which creates a powerful psychological incentive to see results where there are none and a fear of admitting that you were stupid for spending all that money if it doesn’t work. It also prevents people who are initially skeptical from purchasing it unless they’re independently wealthy. I am here to say I dropped the money and ordered from biotest’s site, buying the marketing for indigo 3g hook line and sinker, and I admit to my mistake. This is another useless magic pill, like so many before it, except with one of the most powerful marketing machines ever devised behind it.

    February 27, 2012 at 10:13 pm

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