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Too many pre workout supplements come with out-of-this-world claims that essentially make you feel like you will become the Hulk after consuming just one bottle. But the harsh reality is that it is highly unlikely for you to grow a substantial amount of muscle tissue just by taking a so-called magic supplement.

BCAA Peak by Inner Armour appears to be a down-to-earth pre workout supplement that is simply designed to reduce the breakdown of muscle tissue during workouts and improve muscle growth and recovery. It can be taken before or during a workout and appears to be a safe alternative to a majority of pre workout supplements out there.

What Does BCAA Peak Do?

BCAA Peak is unlike most pre workout supplements. The typical pre workout product is dsigned to increase vascularity and promote increased pumps through nitric oxide. They generally rely on stimulants like caffeine or guarana to increase energy and focus to intensify your workout.

BCAA Peak can be categorized as a pre workout supplement but it produces different results than a regular pre workout product would. This is because BCAA Peak contains amino acids and nothing else. There is no caffeine or creatine to boost energy or increase strength. Instead, BCAA Peak relies on the protein synthesis that comes from supplementing amino acids into the body.

BCAA Peak contains one non-essential amino acid called glutamine which has been shown to work with the brain to increase concentration and focus. Non-essential means the body is able to produce its own supply, but supplementing more glutamine can only mean more powerful results.

Along with glutamine, BCAA Peak utilizes three essential amino acids, meaning the body is unable to produce its own. Among these ingredients, Leucine is the most important because it is considered the best muscle building amino acid by some researchers. Leucine has a sidekick in IsoLeucine, which essentiall improves the overall function of leucine.

Valpine is the final ingredient in BCAA Peak and has been shown to increase levels of the body’s growth hormones, allowing for faster growth among muscle tissue.


Since amino acids are essential to our daily function, there has been numerous testing to prove the function of all of them, including the ones found in BCAA Peak. Many pre workout supplements will contain unique ingredients, but have no testing to back those ingredients up.

BCAA Peak contains a unique blend of amino acids, but it appears to be an effective blend. You probably won’t experience super human performance in the gym or arms the size of trees, but chances are high that you will experience results that are related to having a higher volume of protein in the body.


Another positive to having a blend full of amino acids is that you know you are safe. Other pre workout supplements with proprietary and patented blends may appear like a breath of fresh air, but they can also lead to unknown side effects.

You pretty much know what you are getting with BCAA Peak and that is a blend of amino acids that are considered safe and non-toxic.

Our Recommendation

If you are looking for an extra kick when it comes to muscle growth, you may want to turn to BCAA Peak. It contains a blend of proven amino acids that have been called the building block to protein.

Added protein can only help you to build muscle and reduce negative catabolic results. We recommend this supplement to anybody that is trying to find a proven and safe muscle builder.

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