Amino Freak Review

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking for a supplement that will help you absorb more amino acids, you’ve most likely found yourself thinking that all these pre-workout supplements can look like the same girl wearing a different dress.

Not only do all of these supplements claim to do the same thing, but when you look at their labels, most of them even have the same ingredients.

But because Amino Freak claims to be the most advanced amino acid supplement that will blow all the others out of the water, we decided to take a closer look at this product to see what it could really offer.


Amino Freak has been produced and distributed by the British nutritional supply company PharmaFreak.

This company has designed Amino Freak to enhance your body’s ability to absorb amino acids and decrease the production of the stress hormones that can cause your muscle to be broken down.


For anyone that is completely unfamiliar with workout supplements, amino acids are the building blocks of any muscle tissues in the body. These acids are absorbed and reformulated in the body to both manufacture and repair muscles.

For this reason, there have been many individuals as well as companies who have attempted to increase the amount of amino acids that their body absorbs by supplementing the foods they eat with products like Amino Freak.


After looking at the ingredients in Amino Freak, we were disappointed to see that there really weren’t any ingredients in this product that really stood out as innovative or even unique.

What we did see were a lot of ingredients that were hiding under the guise of “complex” or “formula,” meaning that there were a lot of ingredients that went unnamed in Amino Freak.

Although some companies might say that they’re simply trying to keep their secrets to success safe, the more likely scenario is that Amino Freak actually doesn’t have anything unique and is instead going for anonymity rather than expose their useless formula.

Our Opinion

Because there are so many ingredients in Amino Freak that go unmentioned, we can’t recommend taking the risk with this pre-workout supplement.

Especially since this product retails for almost two dollars per serving, we think there are many different supplements that will be a much better investment of your money.

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